5 Powerful Consulting Questions On Consulting Niches To Ask Your Clients

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It is also possible to create scenarios that add or eliminate certain elements that affect your clients’ lives and examine whether the response to the question shifts. Based on your field of expertise, you might have to modify or add various follow-ups. It is possible to include an additional “why do you want it this way” in line with your specific niche.

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Just as you specialize in a certain skill set as a consultant, you should also specify what services you provide for your clients. This information can also help you better market to clients, which we’ll talk about below. Narrowing your market as a consultant allows you to understand the needs, challenges, and pain points your potential clients face, which can help clarify how you can use your skills to provide solutions.

Don’t stop with the 16 consulting interview questions. Close the sale!

If you answered yes to those questions, it might be a sign you need to hire a consultant. If you haven’t done so already, conduct a competitive analysis of any other consultants or consulting firms in your niche and area. Starting a consulting business is a remarkable feat, but that’s not where the work stops. These six activities will help you grow your consulting business, too. As you grow your client base, use a CRM like the HubSpot’s all-in-one CRM platform (which comes in a free version for small-to-medium businesses or a paid version for enterprise businesses).

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They can also often provide valuable insights and recommendations based on their own business management experience. Business consultants can be a great asset to any company looking to improve its performance. The right questions and resulting answers not only help you to provide better results for your clients, but the act of asking questions that prompt productive dialogues can improve your relationships.

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I’ve enjoyed this article and will use it as a point of reference in the future. Great article Michael, I got a lot of valuable gems, and will apply them soon. This article is a great help to an aspiring consultant.

  • If they don’t trust them, they will not communicate with you.
  • As a result, it’s not uncommon to encounter clashing egos, priorities, and opinions within the organization.
  • Clients who have more clarity going into the engagement have more confidence in taking the proposed path.
  • He is the CEO of .Consultant, which specialises in establishing consultants online.
  • Then double check their approach to be sure it’s correct and that both approaches agree.
  • If she does, you can sometimes close a sale through clever persuasion or pummeling your client with your expertise.

You can see through what kind of classified balance sheet one is through his book. Often, a book will give you an idea about the consultant’s strategies and approaches towards certain problems. The rate also depends on whether the consultant would be working with you office-based or not.

Never again will you walk into a meeting with a client not knowing what to ask. And demonstrate the value they’ll bring to the client’s business. Deep, thorough questions are a consultant’s best friend. Take an inexperienced consultant and an elite consultant, and put them in a room with a potential client.

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As a client, you want to know if your consultants are overpricing or not by comparing the asking fee with the others in the market. Knowing how much to pay and when to pay during the interview process is an important part of setting proper expectations. However, the key to a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship between the consultant and you is a clear understanding of and respect for one’s availability. Most busy executives are mature enough, work with multiple well-paid opportunities, or take on corporate jobs that aren’t as demanding.


Individuals and businesses alike use career consulting to either equip themselves or their employees to grow in their jobs. As a career consultant, you may help clients with skill development, resume building, job applications, interviews, and understanding the job market as a whole. If you have a background in HR or recruiting, career consulting may be for you. The purpose of human resources consulting is to help companies hire and retain remarkable employees.

Questions For Introducing Consulting Proposals

Thanks for mentioning that a business needs lots of available credit. I’m hoping that I can hire a business consultant sometime this week. It would be really great to get their opinion on my financial state and what I can do to improve it. Understanding your client is very important if and when you’re going to make changes in your business. If you remove something they love, you’ll pay dearly for that misunderstanding. Conversely, you could add something that was missing and really grow your business.

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This will make your job simpler and will help them move quicker. We know this because we have successfully completed over 3,000 engagements on our platform by connecting businesses to independent consultants on demand. This has been possible due to our thorough vetting process, which removes the hassle for hiring managers to find, vet, and onboard business planning or strategic consultants for their projects. As part of advising your company, it’s also likely that a strategist will encounter issues, challenges, and opportunities outside their expertise. In these cases, a good strategy consultant can learn quickly, think critically, and call upon reliable research, data, and outside experts to provide informed guidance and make recommendations. A strong background in finance is hugely valuable in a business strategy consultant.

It reflects the feedback I receive from my own clients, too. Here’s my own simple checklist I use before reaching out for help in a niche area. The question is often followed by “how did you deal with it? That’s why we maintain a list of success stories at Growth Shuttle.

  • As you grow your client base, use a CRM like the HubSpot’s all-in-one CRM platform (which comes in a free version for small-to-medium businesses or a paid version for enterprise businesses).
  • These might include tools to help find new clients and jobs — like a LinkedIn membership — and video conferencing software like Zoom or Skype.
  • While you may be completely comfortable with this, and is so, that is ok.

Another one to ask is “What are your expecations of me in this project? ” This will be too direct for a lot of relationships, but if you’re comfortable asking it, it can give both of you some great insights. SUch an enlightining article, I feel like I can now approach consulting with a far clearer identity and direction.

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It can be difficult for anyone to feel vulnerable before an individual. People are prone to minimize the severity of their challenges and the effects of their struggles on their daily lives. It’s important to remember that empowering questions build off each other. When you ask a question and get an answer don’t stop there. One of the best types of questions to ask buyers and clients are empowering questions. Inevitably, in learning and analyzing your business and recommending strategic decisions, a consultant will need to work with various team members.

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When they asked people to take the perspective of a recruiter and choose between two candidates , nearly 90% preferred the candidate who “came clean” and answered the question. Before a conversation takes place, think carefully about whether refusing to answer tough questions would do more harm than good. They were told to work their way through the list, starting with relatively shallow inquiries and progressing to more self-revelatory ones, such as “What is your biggest regret?

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